Empowering Our Heroes and Seniors:

Free Lawn Care Services for Disadvantaged Seniors, Veterans, and the Disabled

Maintaining a yard becomes increasingly challenging due to limited mobility or fixed incomes. HCS Foundation steps in to alleviate this burden. We believe that our veterans and seniors deserve to live in a beautiful environment, one that reflects the care and respect we hold for them. Our volunteers aren't just landscapers; they are neighbors, friends, and caring individuals who understand the value of a friendly smile and a helping hand. By providing free lawn care, we're not just mowing lawns; we're cultivating connections, sparking conversations, and building relationships that enrich lives.

If you know a disadvantaged senior, veteran, or individual with a disability who could benefit from our services or if you would like to get involved, please fill out the form on the Contact Us page. Together, let's ensure that our heroes and seniors enjoy the comfort and dignity they deserve, one lawn at a time.